Equity Fund

Bresser Ações FIC FIA

The Bresser Ações Fund allocates at least 95% of its wealth in Bresser Master Fund quotas, with capital gains through active management of investments, predominantly in equities, using instruments available on the spot and futures markets. It’s objective is to deliver returns that are compatible with those of companies with solid fundamentals and / or prospects of high potential for appreciation in the medium / long term.

  • Minimum subscription: R$ 50.000,00
  • Additional subscription: Minimum of R$ 10.000,00
  • Minimum balance: R$ 10.000,00
  • Subscription: D+1 (using the value of the quota of the next work day after the resources are effectively available)
  • Redemption conversion date: D+20 (work days)
  • Redemption payment date: D+3 (work days) counting from the quota conversion date.
  • Redemption fee: 10%, elegible to be free of charge in the following situation:
    • Redemptions made with a 20 work days notice before the conversion date.
  • Management fee: 2%
  • Performance fee: 15% over the IPCA index variation +6%
  • Income tax rate: 15% of the nominal gains, charged in the event of the redemption
  • Manager: Bresser Administração de Recursos
  • Administrator: BNY Mellon Serviços Financeiros DTVM S/A
  • Auditor: Price WaterHouse Coopers
  • CNPJ: 06.070.574/0001-12
  • Bank account: Banco BNY Mellon SA (017) Agencia: 001 c/c: 824-9
  • Inception date: 02/04/2002
  • Target audience: Qualified investors with the objective of allocating at least 95% (ninety-five percent) of their net equity in quotas of the BRESSER AÇÕES MASTER FIA fund (“MASTER FUND”), enrolled under the CNPJ No. 04.581.293-0001 / 07
  • Risk profile: Agressive