Bresser’s Funds are distributed by Mellon Financial Services DTVM and by distributors authorized by the administrator. To speed up the investment process, download your kit here.

Equity Fund

Bresser Ações FIC FIA

BNY Mellon Banco S.A.(017)
Agência: 001
C/C: 824-9
CNPJ: 06.070.574/0001-12

Multmarket Funds

Bresser Hedge FIM

BNY Mellon S.A. (017)
Agência: 001
C/C: 823-0
CNPJ: 05.097.427/0001-73

Bresser Hedge Plus FIM

BNY Mellon Banco S.A.(17)
Agência: 001
C/C: 822-2
CNPJ: 08.739.850/0001-18